Saturday, February 9, 2008

Some of the fabric we have collected...
Brian hard at work cutting fabric
This is what the scrapbook will look like. Your wish can be handwritten.

We having been working on the 100 Good wishes Quilt for Amelia since early 20007. The instructions are to the right of the page. We have some fabrics from people who we don't know at all and then the fabrics we have purchased. We are now ready to get fabric from family and friends. Don't worry if you don't want to cut the fabric. Just send the fabric and the wish and I will take care of that part. It takes about 1/4 yard to get what we need. I have to pre-wash, iron, rotary cut, then get a small part to attach to the wish. Feel free to send a family photo with the wish. I am making a special scrapbook including the wishes and a small scrap. We are excited. I can't sew anything. We are going to have it done by someone who quilts. We will cut all the fabric to save money. Who knew Brian was so good with a rotary cutter?